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Recommended book

Recommended book: "Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts" Ch. W. Moore.

"Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts", Ch. W. Moore. Markert Mediacje is a partner of Polish edition.

Start News We train in-company mediators at Amica Wronki

We train in-company mediators at Amica Wronki

Kinga Markert and Katarzyna Kamińska prepared employees of Amica Wronki S.A. to act in the role of in-company mediators. The project, innovative in the reality of Polish companies, is aimed at resolving by mediation conflicts which arise between employees and their superiors during performance appraisal interviews. The intense 4-day workshop was held in March and April and after the event each participant received a personalised feedback about his or her strengths and areas to improve in the role of an internal mediator.
More information about the project can be obtained from Kinga Markert, tel. 601131743
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