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Recommended book: "Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts" Ch. W. Moore.

"Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts", Ch. W. Moore. Markert Mediacje is a partner of Polish edition.

Start News Biogas Production Plant – we moderate a community meeting

Biogas Production Plant – we moderate a community meeting

Kinga Markert and Tomasz Ołdak – partners at Konsultacje Społeczne, consulted the public consultation process designing and then moderated the meeting with Kedzierzyn Kozle inhabitants. The debate was an important step forward in the decision-making process to obtain the environmental permits necessary for building a biogas plant. This public meeting, hosted by vice president of Kedzierzyn Kozle, was attended by people from the neighbourhood of the planned plant, environmental organizations and the investor - Biogaz Projekt RHC. During the debate the misunderstanding related to the biogas plants was dissipated and future benefits from this investment for the inhabitants were explained.
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