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dr Christopher W. MooreChristopher W. Moore Ph.D

Partner in CDR Associates in Bouder, Colorado, USA, - partner organisation of Markert Mediacje. Christopher has worked in the field of complex multiparty decision making and conflict management for over thirty years. He is an internationally recognized mediator, facilitator, dispute resolution systems designer, trainer, and author. Moore has consulted in over thirty countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. Domestically, he specializes in collaborative decision making and mediation to resolve public, environmental, water, organizational and labor-management issues. Internationally, he works with governments, the private sector and civil society to negotiate and implement peace accords, resolve ethnic and religious disputes, introduce democratic decision making processes and promote sustainable development.

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Susan WildauSusan T. Wildau

As a child, Susan couldn’t decide between becoming an ambassador for the United Nations or the conductor of the Boston Symphony. As it turns out, her career path neatly encompasses elements of both her passion for international peacebuilding and her ability to orchestrate harmonious accords among diverse constituents. Susan thrives on puzzles and paradox, which makes her an especially innovative and energetic mediator. Curious by nature, she relishes the challenges in resolving development conflicts in the United States as well as on the other side of the world. Susan leads the firm’s sustainable development practice, and is an experienced mediator and systems thinker.

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