Case study - Polkomtel


Polkomtel (mobile phone operator „Plus”)


„Competence development for trainers from HR Department”


Kinga Markert, August 2006 – September 2007.


I received the order during a critical moment for the in-house trainers. Two issues were being discussed: „What kind of internal trainers do we want to be in the future?” and „How can we support the development of Polkomtels’ employees, so they are better prepared to implement the company’s strategies?”
Up to that moment the trainers were primarily focused on customer service trainings. The company, though, needed to have these trainings to further expand. It mostly concerned the implementation of the so called “soft skills” programs.

My co-operation with Polkomtel, within the Project discussed, was aiming at the following:

  • competence development for those trainers with little experience in order to level the knowledge the skills of the
    whole group
  • working out a definition for the role of trainers’ team at Polkomtel
  • acquiring competence by trainers and creating a plan of action for them, allowing to establish partnership with top management
  • diagnosing competence of each trainer with the purpose to decide whether the team is ready to implement the strategy accepted
  • setting up the frames for trainers’ development

As part of the project, I have conducted a training course for trainers that help improve their competence in creating and conducting of trainings. I have used coaching for each of the ten trainers. It was based on observations of training conducted by those trainers and giving them my feedback on trainer’s strong points, as well as areas that need to be developed along with my ideas on how to better improve the quality of the course conducted.

The Project ended with a meeting with each individual trainer, conducted by both myself and their manager. The meeting was aimed at defining a role for each individual trainer of the team and setting up future development steps and goals that a certain employee is to realize.

At the same time, I was carrying out strategy planning meetings for the whole team which resulted in working out a unified strategy and helped plan for actions to be undertaken in order to change the image of the trainers into the one of manager consultant on employee development.

Positive outcome for the client from the realized Project:

  • the trainers with the least experience in the team have obtained the competence essentials for training preparation and conducting
  • a strategy for “Plus” trainers’ team was established
  • future area of work was identified for trainers
  • attitude towards the trainers has changed in the company; instead being given orders to be realized, they are being treated more like consultants for employee development
  • trainers are sought of higher now by the top management, i.e. they are being treated as professional partners/consultants
  • participants (and their managers) have received advice on their strong points and areas for development in line with the mutually carried out strategy

More information: Kinga Markert, tel. 0 601 131 743


Iwona Trochimczuk, Trainers’ Team Manager at Polkomtel:

I highly recommend Markert Mediations for at least three reasons: while carrying out a project, the problem is analyzed in detail and adequate solutions are suggested, tailored for that specific problem.  In addition, during meetings together with participants the best strategies for implementing defined goals are set up. And lastly, an adequate support is given to their partners at each stage of the project.  On top of that, cooperation with Kinga is a contact with an extremely open and professional person.