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Case study - Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain Dystrybucja Budowlana


Trainers’ training as part of employee assessment and development program


Kinga Markert


The Project was one of the many I have realized within several years’ cooperation with Saint-Gobain Dystrybucja Budowlana.  For the first time in the history of the company, an employee assessment program was being implemented.  Therefore, it was essential to carry out an information campaign, as well as to train those employees who were going to be a part of the program. So, a group of in-house trainers was compiled specifically for this project.  Some of them were acting as trainers for the first time.  The course I carried out has provided the trainees with the necessary tools and skills in order to conduct efficient and interesting information training for the employees of the company.

The other example of cooperation with Saint Gobain was, for instance, training for managers on how to conduct assessment talks with the subordinates.

More information: Kinga Markert, mobile phone:  +48 601 131 743.


Joanna Szybisz, HR Director at Sain-Gobain Dystrybucja Budowlana

Kinga is a highly qualified, experienced trainer.  She possesses a broad knowledge and the skills of a superb trainer, which she successfully applies to her managerial trainings.  During training, she can create favorable atmosphere, so that the knowledge is easily transferred and accepted by the trainees”.

Magdalena Pękosz, Training Department, Sain-Gobain Dystrybucja Budowlana

Work with Kinga brings satisfaction – both at preparation stage, as well as the training itself. The courses are professional and brilliantly tailored to specific needs of the company and trainees”.