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Collective disputes


A collective dispute is, according to the Act on solving collective disputes of 23 May 1991, a conflict of employees with an employer or employers regarding working conditions, salaries or social benefits as well as trade union rights and freedom of employees or other groups which have the right to establish trade unions. The act defines several stages of solving collective disputes. Mediation is the second stage of solving such disputes. If the negotiations do not end in an agreement, then the parties of a dispute jointly select a mediator.

Areas of our activities:

Mediation between big teams of employees. Mediating in negotiations between trade unions and the employer.

Our role:

Conducting the mediation process in such a way so that it ends with signing an agreement by the parties of the conflict. In a situation of no agreement being reached, a protocol of discrepancies should be drafted, which should indicate the parties' positions.

Failing to reach an agreement through mediation gives the employees the right to start a strike or submit a dispute to social arbitration.

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