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Family And Divorce Mediation

Areas of our activity

  • Family mediation takes place in a situation of conflicts in a marriage (between spouses/partners) and in the case of parental conflicts (disputes between parents and children). Peaceful solving of a dispute is important here since the parties are in a close and lasting relation.  Further functioning of a family depends often on a mutually acceptable agreement.
  • Mediation can also prove to be the best tool in a situation of a divorce and separation, when the parties need to decide about dividing their estate, care for their children, amount of alimony, etc.

Legal regulations

Family mediation is regulated in the Code of civil procedure in articles: 436, 4452, 5702 and 1831. Pursuant to these regulations there exists the possibility of making arrangements by way of mediation against a unanimous request of the parties prior to starting the court procedure or based on a court decision directing the parties to a mediation process.

It is always a voluntary process and the mediator is bound by a confidentiality rule, also in respect of the court. Should a settlement be reached, the Court will hold a hearing to confirm the settlement made before the mediator.


A divorce suit, in a situation when a settlement made by way of mediation is submitted to a court, is shorter and usually enables avoidance of big financial and emotional costs associated with a dispute becoming embittered. Divorce mediation enables continuation of the relations between the parting couple based on parental ties and links rather than marital ties as was the case during the marriage.

Family mediation does not exclude the possibility of using the assistance of other experts: psychotherapists, lawyers, developmental psychologists.

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