Methods of work

The procedure:

  • Collecting the information: diagnosis of existing situation and determining the reasons which led to it
  • Analysis of a conflict situation: integration of collected information and its interpretation
  • Determining the detailed goals of change
  • Decision on the methods of intervention
  • Implementation
  • Assessment of changes
  • Potential additional activities
  • Project evaluation
  • Findings for the future

Examples of interventions that can be taken in a situation of a conflict in the work place:

  • Mediation between the parties of the conflict/conflicts identified during the diagnostic stage
  • Advice in a conflict situation, coaching, training
  • Facilitated decision making
  • Organizational changes concerning e.g. division of clients, reporting procedures, team members, change of the incentive system
  • Working and communicating the norms and standards of a team’s work, e.g. during a strategic workshop for the team
  • A disciplinary talk  and setting the terms of further cooperation with a problem-causing employee
  • Firing an employee/moving an employee to a different position

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