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Recommended book: "Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts" Ch. W. Moore.

"Mediation. Practical strategies for resolving conflicts", Ch. W. Moore. Markert Mediacje is a partner of Polish edition.

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Crisis in a company: role of a lawyer

The article has been published on the web site of LEX Polish Law Server (

"Mediation and advice are the modern methods of coping with conflicts and crisis situations. They enable the people involved to tackle the difficult situations in an active way and find the solution by themselves. They save time and money. In the case of mediation or decision-making sessions it is the plenipotentiaries or the parties’ representatives, e.g. lawyers, who can play an important role in the process. They assist and advise clients during negotiations. They develop precise wording of a composition agreement and review the compliance of the provisions with the law and with the client's interest,” writes Kinga Markert, the founder of Markert Mediacje.

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