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CDR AssociatesCDR Associates is an American organization of professionals with over 25 years of experience in providing effective conflict resolution services, decision making assistance, dispute resolution systems design, and training.

CDR's areas of expertise and their major clients are:

Collaborative Decision Making Procedures and Dispute Resolution Systems
(Levi Strauss and Company, United Airlines, U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) Amnesty International, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Environmental Impact Management Agency)

International and Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
(United Nations, International Finance Corporation, U.S. Agency for International Development, LEAD International, Mercy Corps)

Organizational and Workplace Conflict Management
(United Airlines, Denver Public Schools, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Levi Strauss Co., U. S. Department of the Treasury, Supreme Court of Ohio)

Public Policy, Environmental, and Natural Resource Management
(The World Bank, State of California, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, The United Nations, US Air Force, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Department of the Interior, US Department of Justice)

Custom Training Programs
(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, US West Communications, United Airlines, Levi Strauss Co., The Asia Foundation, the University of Texas, the University of California, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

In the 1990s CDR Associates helped Poland with its transition to a new democratic system. CDR consultants: Susan T. Wildau, Bernard Mayer and Christopher W. Moore conducted several seminars and provided consultation for:

Ministry of the Environment: five-day seminar on Environmental Conflict Management for leaders from the Ministry of the Environment, regional/local government agencies and the Polish Ecological Club. This seminar explored how environmental conflict management procedures (negotiation, facilitation, mediation) could be used to address enforcement, regulatory, site-specific, and public policy disputes. The program enabled participants to explore how they could initiate joint cooperative efforts to address critical environmental issues in Poland: air and water quality, as well as development and toxic waste cleanup.

Ministry of Education and the University of Warsaw: Conducted a 40-hour seminar on Decision Making and Conflict Management for Educational Administrators, for 36 of the 49 regional public school superintendents in Poland. The seminar focused on democratic decision-making procedures for handling policy decisions, cooperative management and dispute resolution procedures and school-based management practices. The training program was part of a coordinated effort to introduce cooperative problem solving and dispute resolution into the Polish educational system. A second seminar introduced conflict resolution skills to 40 Polish teachers.

Solidarity Trade Union: series of collective bargaining and grievance resolution training for for 40 key leaders of the Solidarity Trade Union. The first seminar was for the Mazowsze Regional Committee and staff who are responsible for conducting major national collective bargaining negotiations, plant closures and employee re-deployment. The seminar focused on the use of negotiations in collective bargaining, defining worker involvement in plant ownership and management, the economic restructuring of the Polish national economy and defining the role of trade unions in a democratic society.

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