Development activities

Employee development is associated by some only with participation in training. By no means. According to us there are many, other than training, effective methods of enhancing the competence. We help you select the best method for a given situation.

List of development activities

Materials for self-study

  • E-learning
  • Information contained in specialized Internet portals
  • Specialized press
  • Publications on a given topic

Special tasks

  • Job Enrichment (extending the scope of tasks or responsibilities within the same scope of duties)
  • Job Enlargement (increasing the scope of tasks)
  • Case studies
  • Realization of a project while working at a given position
  • Realization of special actions/tasks in a department or a company
  • Representing a company in the outside world
  • Conducting presentations


  • Work in a project group as a team member
  • Co-managing a project group
  • Managing the work of a project group
  • Work in a virtual project team, e.g. participation in a strategy game
  • Work in an international project group
  • Managing the work of an international project group

Job rotation

  • Temporary change of a position to a higher one
  • Temporary assignment to work in a different unit
  • Temporary assignment to work in a different branch
  • Temporary assignment to work in a company’s branch in another country

Change of position

  • Vertical promotion
  • Horizontal promotion


  • Coaching conducted by an external trainer
  • Coaching conducted by a superior
  • Coaching conducted by a co-worker
  • Playing the role of a coach


  • Establishing a mentoring relation in the role of a protege
  • Playing the role of a mentor

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