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Training process management workshop

The program is addressed to trainers, training coordinators and training organizers as well as to the people who are involved in managing training activities. The workshop can be treated as a stand-alone two-day training session or as an integral part of the School of Trainers. During the classes the participants are actively involved in the training through discussions, questionnaires, role playing as well as individual and group exercises. Active participation enables the participants to absorb the knowledge by sharing their experience, expanding the repertoire of their behavior, experimenting with new situations and observing other participants. The subject-matter content of the workshops is accommodated to the needs of a given group.


Upon completing the ”Training process management” workshop a participant will be able to:

  • select relevant techniques and tools of training needs analysis depending on available financial resources and time limitations,
  • properly define the goals of a training,
  • select the training methods and tools depending on the goals,
  • indicate the relationship between the properly formulated training goals and the possibilities of examining the efficiency of a training,
  • test on one's own and select a training company,
  • properly select the venue of the training while accounting for its specific characteristics and the participants' needs,
  • plan the budget of the training,
  • properly select the techniques and the tools for examining the effectiveness of the training depending on the goals, the nature of the training and the financial possibilities of a company.

Topics raised:

  • Stages of a training cycle,
  • Construction of a system of training courses,
  • Training needs analysis,
  • Tools and techniques for training needs examination,
  • Training quintet,
  • Defining of training goals,
  • Types of training
  • Selection of training methods depending on the goals,
  • Selection of a training firm,
  • Conducting a meeting with a training firm,
  • Criteria for selecting the firm and the trainer,
  • Training contract,
  • Comprehensive planning of training and organizational issues concerning the training,
  • Threats associated with non-functional issues: frequency of training, participants, time and place of training,
  • Reinforcing the effects of a training – the methods,
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of the training: levels of effectiveness examination, sources of information, tools