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Facilitation of meetings

Problem / area of our activities

Non-productive business meetings. Loss of time, unending “blowing things out of proportion,” no recorded decisions, failure to achieve the goal, struggle for taking the floor, unrelated showing off or lack of participants’ involvement in meetings.

Our role

We offer having the meetings conducted by a facilitator that is by a neutral person whose task is to:

  • take care that a meeting’s agenda and time are observed
  • introduce order as regards the issues for discussion
  • grant and take away the permission to speak
  • facilitate decision-making
  • recapitulate the meeting.

The facilitator’s neutrality means that such a person is not a party in a meeting. He/she does not speak in discussions regarding subject-matter issues, has no interest in any specific solution. His or her only goal is to assist in achieving the assumed goals of a meeting.

When a facilitator proves helpful?

  • at board meetings
  • during the decision-making process
  • at conferences
  • during discussions


Time gains and better results of meetings — a tangible benefit for a company.

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