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Training for in-company mediators

The training is addressed to employees whose responsibilities include consulting and assistance in resolution of conflict situations. Such function in organizations is fulfilled by e.g. HR consultants, staff of employee relations departments, HR specialists and line managers.

Goals of the training

The goals are always suited to the needs of the Client’s organization. They can be as follows:

  1. Prepare the participants to act as mediators in disputes at workplace.
  2. Prepare the participants to cooperate actively with managers in conflict prevention and resolution.
  3. Provide the participants with knowledge and skills necessary to support and implement a conflict management project in the company and promote mediation as the optimal method of in-company conflict resolution.

The training equips its participants with knowledge and skills sufficient to act as mediators.

 Why is it worth training with us:

  • Our trainers are practising mediators who worked within structures of big corporations. We have conducted mediation in business since 2005 and training courses for business since 1992.
  • We have experience in business and employee mediation as well as mediation in collective, civil and criminal disputes.
  • Participants of this programme included HR staff and managers of bussines units from: Amica Wronki, City Handlowy, PKO Bank Polski (ask for refrences)
  • The price of the training includes availability individual consultations.
  • We guarantee satisfaction: if you are dissatisfied with the training we return the money.

Program of the training

  • knowledge about conflict dynamics and behaviours of people in conflict
  • ways of conflict resolution in the organization
  • ability to diagnose the situation: analysis of issues, collecting of information about positions, identification of underlying interests, including hidden ones  
  • communication techniques aimed at building trust, collecting information and identifying the parties’ interests: asking questions, listening, paraphrasing and recapitulating
  • role of the mediator – what does it consist in, what are the rules and limitations
  • neutrality and impartiality of the mediator as the basic rule of mediation
  • ability to distance yourself from your own opinions, likes and prejudices
  • help for the parties in understanding the situation and reaching an agreement – techniques of intermediating in a conversation
  • stages of the mediation and mediator’s roles at each stage
  • formal aspects of the mediator’s role: contact with the parties, organization of meetings, result of the mediation, reporting, confidentiality, next steps (depending on the company arrangements in this respect)
  • cooperation with managers in a conflict situation at work

Success factors

  • Predispositions of the participants to act as mediators (listening skills, excellent communication skills, ability to be neutral and impartial) and their motivation to assume the role of a mediator inside the organization,
  • Minimum 4 full training days divided into 2 two-day workshops held at an interval of between 2 and 4 weeks,
  • Maximum 12 participants in a training group,
  • An introductory meeting of approximately one hour for all candidates for mediators before the start of the training,
  • Possibility of continuous development in the role of mediator after completion of the preliminary training – planned further cycle of meetings and workshops for mediators


The workshop enables each participant to do repeated, individual, practical exercises. As a result, the acquired skills are not theoretical and every element is practised in training conditions. After short theoretical introductions, participants take part in exercises, simulations, role playing and work on the basis of case studies. Exercise scenarios are prepared each time for purposes of the training in a given company and are strictly related to the specific characteristics of the organization and the role which the mediators will have in it. Each participant practices mediation at least 3 times during a course and receives feedback about his or her progress and areas for improvement. The simulated mediation is recorded and each participant receives after the training the recording of his or her mediation simulations. As homework between the parts of the training, the participants are asked to prepare a diagnosis and self-evaluation.


4 full days (28 training hours) divided into 2 two-day workshops held at an interval of between 2 and 4 weeks

Our trainers

The leading trainer is Kinga Markert. Training for managers can be provided in such a short time thanks to involvement of an additional trainer, which enables work in small groups.

More information

Contact Kinga Markert if you want to learn more about the past programs in the area of "Training for in-company mediators", check our references or arrange a meeting to discuss introducing of mediation in your organization: telephone 601 131 743 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it