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Commercial mediation

We mediate in disputes between businesses.
Mediation may concern for example:

  • non-performance of contracts
  • problems with interpretation of contract provisions
  • untimely payments
  • unethical competition activities
  • abuse of intellectual property
  • problems related to business division, merger or acquisition

Business mediation is an alternative to dispute resolution by court. A settlement concluded with the help of a mediator, after its approval by court, becomes as legally valid as a court settlement or a court ruling. It may constitute an execution title if its provisions are not complied with.
Benefits from successful business mediation:

  • considerable saving of time and costs compared with resolution by means of court proceedings
  • permanent settlement containing real and practicable solutions developed by the stakeholders themselves
  • possibility to continue business cooperation or to discontinue it peacefully  
  • satisfaction for both parties of the dispute
  • building of a positive business image