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Community mediation

What is it?

Community mediation usually takes place in situations of conflict between various interest groups associated with a situation in a given community.

Areas of our activity

We mediate conflicts which involve e.g. a local community, investors, local government institutions (e.g. a school, a city hall), non-profit organizations, e.g. ecological organizations, government institutions (e.g. a ministry), etc. A characteristic feature of these disputes is the involvement in a conflict of many parties who are represented by a big numbers of people. In such situations it is the initial work of a mediator that is important. The aim is to determine in detail the scope of the conflict, define the parties and the method of their representation.

We also help in cases of neighborhood disputes and conflicts in which housing communities are involved.


Mediation helps reach agreement thanks to which the parties avoid court trials and set the conditions of good relations for the future. Our clients, following successful mediation, often include mediation clauses in future agreements with e.g. contracting parties. The clause says that in the case of potential disputes related to an agreement’s realization attempts will be made to solve the disputes by way of mediation.

Examples of disputes which we mediated:

  • a conflict related to site development in a housing estate
  • a conflict between a housing community and its member blocking the decision regarding repair works in the building
  • a conflict between the organizers of a youth club in a housing estate and the tenants of the building where the club is located
  • a conflict between the parents and the teaching staff in a school
  • a conflict between the doctors and a hospital's board.

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