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Training of employees

For a dozen or so years now we have been training employees, both as in-house trainers and external partners of our clients. We always try to make the best use of the time we are given. In spite of this we do not overestimate the role of training. We are aware of the fact that training is but a fragment of the whole spectrum of influence that has impact on an employee’s development.

While working on a training program entrusted to us we always start from defining the business goals, that is from answering the question about the way in which a given training can help the company achieve its business goals. To do this we need to perform the needs analysis done in cooperation with a client. In the training we conduct we focus on skills rather than knowledge. We provide the tools and show how to use them in a given work environment.

We have experience in running the following training programs:

  • Managing of people (planning, organization, motivation and control)
  • Assessment of employees
  • Managing of training
  • Preparing and making a professional presentation
  • Training the trainers
  • Managing and facilitating meetings
  • Solving conflicts and preventing their escalation
  • Mediation skills in solving conflicts.

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