Start Training Mediation at workplace, or how to manage in a conflict situation

Mediation at workplace, or how to manage in a conflict situation

For whom:

We invite you to participate in a training dedicated to managers and those whose job involves resolving employee conflicts, especially to personnel of human resources, legal and employee relations departments.

The next open training: 8-9 October, 2015 in Warsaw!

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Closed version dedicated to a given organization:

Contact us if you are interested in organizing a training at your organization or if you want to join an open group.

About what:

Training allows acquisition of competencies in personnel management in a manner whereby the employees themselves resolve their conflicts. Disputes in organizations are the order of the day. They concern such issues as: performance assessment and work organization, discipline, division of  responsibilities and competencies, discrimination, mobbing, sexual harassment, disputes over employees’ leaving the company. They risk of labour court proceedings. Conflicts involve employees regardless of their functions in the company. Misunderstandings occur both inside teams and between employee groups. Resolution of disputes for the employees, that is deciding for them what the solution should be, almost always fails. Irrespective of how hard the arbiter tries to be fair, after a ruling is issued by the boss or HR director, just like after a court ruling, there is a winner and a loser. In most cases this leads to a further aggravation of the conflict, employees stop being independent and feel released from the responsibility to resolve their problems.

Participants about the training:

Joanna Szybisz, HR Director, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Poland: “Mediation – a magical word, the secret knowledge became more identifiable and, even more importantly, possible to apply in daily practice in order to resolve conflicts between people, seek solutions satisfactory to both parties, which as a result improves the atmosphere and builds good relations in the organization. A very good atmosphere, small group, possibility of practical exercises.”

Sabina W.Siwy, Editor of HR Service, Wolters Kluwer Polska: "I had the pleasure to participate in the training “Mediation at workplace, or how to manage in a conflict situation”. I encourage all to take part in the course, especially people who manage teams, those who work in HR departments and anyone interested in mediation. The workshop form of the training enables easy taking in and applying of all information presented during lectures. It is really a training for anyone and the knowledge gained there can be used in both professional and personal life."

Nataliya Nechytaylo, international human resourses organization: "I would like to recommend an excellent workshop targeting at HR professionals on what mediation at workplace is, how it works in practice and the ways to empower employees to solve the issues through mediation. The materials of the workshop were a good mixture of theory and practical exercises, and a size and diversity of group of participants allowed for fruitful learning and exchange of experiences. The trainers were experienced practitioners, but also very good in shaping and delivering the training programme that exceeded my expectations."

HR manager: "What I liked the most was the possibility to mediate during the training, that is practical exercises in which we were able to participate "

Head of production: "work on examples was valuable", "for the future – better coffee"

HR specialist: "the trainer to whom you could listen incessantly, who can get through to even a complete layman in the subject"

Benefits for participants:

Participants of the training “Mediation at workplace”:

  • learn how to demand and support employees in finding solutions on their own and peacefully
  • acquire skills useful in situation assessments and designing and implementing effective collaborative processes
  • acquaint themselves with methods of mediation in business environment
  • receive tools useful in motivating employees and building with them relationships based on cooperation and trust

Program of the training:

  • Conflict: diagnosis and dynamics
  • Identification of positions and interests of the parties
  • Tools for conflict resolution
  • Introduction to mediation: rules of mediation, roles of the mediator
  • Practical training of mediation skills
  • Conditions of mediation in organizations
  • Systems of conflict management
  • Implementing of mediation in organizations


Workshop: introduction in the form of mini lectures, exercises, demonstrations, role playing, case studies.
Each person receives feedback and can obtain individual consultations.

Why is it worth training with us:

  • Our trainers are practising mediators who worked within structures of big corporations. We have conducted mediation in business since 2005 and training courses for business since 1992.
  • We have experience in business and employee mediation as well as mediation in collective, civil and criminal disputes.
  • Participants of the training included employees of: OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska, Polkomtel S.A. (Plus), UK Embassy, City Hall of Warsaw, KappAhl, Real, ABB, Polfa, Wolters Kluwer Poland, BorgWarner Turbo Systems Poland, Schattdecor Sp. z o.o., Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. (Waterworks and Sewage Plant) Racibórz, Saint Gobain, Bydgoszcz Iron Foundry, Amica Wronki, Office of the Voivodship Marshal, Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa, Społeczne Gimnazjumand and others.
  • The organizer of the training is the exclusive Polish partner of CDR Associates from the US – the pioneer and global leader specialized since 1970s in conflict and change management.
  • The price of the training includes availability individual consultations.
  • We guarantee satisfaction: if you are dissatisfied with the training we return the money.


Kinga Markert - mediator, facilitator, trainer, consultant in crisis and conflict situations. She specializes in business and social conflicts. For 8 years she was a management trainer and project manager at Polkomtel S.A. (Plus). Author of publications on personnel management and mediation. She established Markert Mediacje and has run the company since 2007. She graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in psychology and completed an internship at CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado.


Markert Mediacje – company offering services which guarantee for the parties the opportunity of fining on their own a solution to a crisis or conflict situation. The company mediates in business, social, collective, employee, divorce and family disputes. It specializes in facilitating meetings and supporting decision-making processes. It provides training and consultations in the area of conflict management and development for managers and employees. It trains trainers. Markert Mediacje cooperates with specialists in business management and employee relations. Markert Mediacje is the exclusive European partner of CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado – the leading US company in the area of conflict management.

More information at:

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or by telephone: Kinga Markert - 601 131 743