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Conflict Resolution Systems

We help firms, organizations and institutions in improving procedures of resolving disputes between: employees, organizational units, employee organizations, with customers and contractors or with other organizations. The purpose of the process of building or improving the current conflict management system is to:

  • create resource-efficient, effective and commonly accepted rules of conduct
  • build corporate culture
  • reduce frequency of conflicts and other behaviours of employees caused by stress and low morale (e.g. absenteeism, reduced performance).

Work stages

As a rule we propose the following stages of activity to be pursued in close cooperation with the in-company project team:

  1. Identification of existing disputes and diagnosis of their reasons
  2. Review of existing conflict management procedures and evaluation of their effectiveness
  3. Identification of available conflict management tools (coaching, advice, consultations, negotiations, mediation, facilitation of problem solving sessions, discussion panels, etc.)
  4. Design of adequate procedures
  5. Internal consultations of a system concept (internal clients, management board, lawyers, etc.)
  6. Development of an implementation plan
  7. Identification of new competencies and training of people responsible for implementation of the system
  8. Obtaining acceptance of the system among its potential users
  9. Implementation, evaluation, possible modifications

Read an article about implementation of a model system of conflict management at Levi Strauss (sorry for Polish version only) .