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Business mediation

Our role:

We help a company to go through a conflict situation by finding and implementing the solution which is the best and the most adequate in a given situation. We are experienced in business – we have long-standing experience from working in corporate structures. We know the problems of corporations from the inside, we understand the origins of conflicts and we know what errors can appear when decisions are made in conflict situations.

By becoming involved in a conflict situation:

  • we help the parties define their problems and interests,
  • we implement a process leading to the development of solutions enabling agreement to be reached in line with a company’s procedures and policy,
  • we propose mediation or other activities aimed solving conflicts,
  • in addition our goal is to develop ways of reaching agreement in the future, in the course of  potential new conflicts, while not resorting to the assistance of third parties,
  • we help to build the culture of open and constructive communication in a company.

Types of conflict – areas of our activity:

  • Conflicts between employees of various ranks
  • Misunderstandings between employees and their superiors as regards such issues as work assessment, discipline, work organization, undesirable behavior in a workplace, etc.
  • Disputes between teams or departments
  • Disputes among team members
  • Discrimination, mobbing, sexual harassment.
  • Chronic conflicts between managers at any level of management
  • Disputes between companies / institutions
  • Disputable matters related to customer dissatisfaction

Detailed issues

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